Your Family’s Doctor Office


Dr. Jonathan Tripp

When Dr. Jonathan Tripp goes home after a busy day at work there is no boss to blame it on. April of 2012 Dr. Tripp, started the practice with a vision and one employee. “Ashley Fox, Billing Specialist, answered our help wanted ad by coming to our house with a note pad and saying, ‘Where do I start?’ ” recalls Tricia Tripp, wife and Office Manager. Where do you start building a business that is built on the old fashioned premise that patients want to be remembered, listened to and have access to healing all in a friendly and warm environment. Much like the practice his grandfather operated.

“I can remember how much my grandfather’s patients loved him because they were a part of the process. That inspired me to return to medical school.” Dr. Tripp holds a CPA degree but was drawn to medicine. “When I hired each of our providers it was important that they have that same vision in mind. We are lucky to have found 3 who make that connection.”

Now 4 years later it is a full fledged Family Medicine Clinic with 4 providers (3 speak Spanish) and 14 employees. Patients can tell there is something different the minute they walk in the door. “We have never had a doctor’s office that could see our whole family. We like that.” states Alli Freeborn who started bringing her family there after her husband met Dr. Tripp and suggested they go. “Our daughter has severe allergies and, now that it’s controlled, we can put down roots for our entire family. We love it here.” The trend in medicine is for everyone to have specialists for everything. The value of having a ‘family doctor’ is that your medical history is all in one place.

Family history is very important and often medical consistencies can be detected by seeing more than one family member. Such is the example of Sandi S. After years of struggling with a pain in her wrist, it was when her sister came to an appointment with her that a long overdue diagnosis was made. “Dr. Tripp was the only one who made the connection between our two separate problems. Thanks to him I have full use of my hand again.”

When asked why he chose to go out on his own he reflects on the opportunity of being an independent provider. You get to set how much time you want to spend with each patient, what you want the environment to feel like and how many hours you want to be open. “A few months ago we were just discussing adjusting our hours at the request of our patients. So we did.” There are challenges that come with being independent like; no one to give the billing, credentialing and housekeeping responsibilities too. “I had the opportunity to join a much larger staff but Tricia and I believed we would provide an option for the valley that was missing, a medical home that didn’t feel like a factory.”


Jeremy Dalley, PA

Jeremy Dalley, P.A.C., the newest to the team, joined the growing practice recently from a busy emergency room in Texas. “Within three days after first talking to Dr. Tripp on the phone, my wife and I decided this was the perfect reason to return to Idaho. So, we bought a home, moved our family and started work all in just 2 months.”

And what does Dr. Tripp do when he is not visiting with patients, completing charts or taking calls on his radio show? He and Tricia follow around their four active teenage kids from track & football to musical performances. “Just because I have an office to run doesn’t mean my kids come second. We are a family practice and we practice family first” states Tricia Tripp.

Tripp Family Medicine is located on Fillmore Street in Twin Falls across from the Post Office and can be reached M-F from 8-5 at (208) 933-4400. They are booking new patients and accept most insurances including Blue Cross and Select Health.