QUICK TRIPP URGENT CAREWhat better place to be seen for your urgent medical needs than your own provider’s urgent care???  You now have best of both worlds.  The care of your general health by your provider AND the care of your URGENT medical needs by YOUR PROVIDER’S OFFICE!  We have always been there for those urgent, non-life threatening moments- the 24 hour bug, the gash on you knee, the allergy attack, or for the recovery from a long weekend, but now we have a separate place just for these types of needs!COMMON CONDITIONS TREATED (there are more, trust us):Abscesses, CystsAcute Pain, InjuriesAsthma, Trouble BreathingBee stings, Insect Bites, Allergic ReactionsColds, Flu, Congestion, Viruses, COVIDConstipationDehydrationDiabetic IssuesDizzinessEar Aches, Ear Wax RemovalEye Abrasions, Foreign Body RemovalFeversForeign Body Removal, Splinters (non-eye)Headaches, MigrainesHigh/Low Blood PressureIngrown ToenailsMuscle SpasmsNausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea (Loose poops & Pukes)Physicals- DOT, Sports, Mission, ScoutRash, Blisters, UlcersRespiratory InfectionsSinus InfectionsSore throat, Strep ThroatSports InjuriesSprains, Strains, Broken BonesUrinary Tract InfectionsCuts, Scrapes, Wounds, BurnsCOMMON PROCEDURES (we do A LOT):Breathing Treatments (Nebulizer)Injections, IV therapy, MedicationTests- Flu, Pregnancy, COVID, Strep, RSV, Blood Sugar, Urinary Infections, Blood Pressure, Temp, EKGEar Wax RemovalFluorescein Stain Eye ExamIncision and Drainage (I&D)Splinting, Partial CastingSutures, Stitches, Laceration RepairsToenail RemovalTrigger Point InjectionsWound CareX-ray (coming SOON!!)OFFICE HOURS: 9-7 M-FYou are welcome to walk-in or call for a same-day appointment time.  If you need to be seen today, but it’s not URGENT, you can call and get an appointment time so that you don’t have to waste a lot of your time waiting in our office.  If it’s URGENT, come on in, and we’ll get you in as soon as we can!Call us at (208) 933-4400AFTER OFFICE HOURS:If you need to contact a provider, due to an urgent issue, and our office is closed, call the office and press option 2 to get transferred the the provider on call.  They will be there to assist you!  PLEASE NOTE:  This option does not work during office hours!