Questions about COVID-19

Covid-19 vaccines are here!  Call to get on the list.  We will do our best to get you in ASAP!!

Here is some important information:

  1. Types of shots:   Moderna is a 2 shot series a minimum of 28 days apart.  Pfizer is a 2 shot series a minimum of 21 days apart.  Jansen (J&J) is a single dose shot.
  2. Once you start a series, you have to finish with that same series. No mixing.
  3. You have to be available for both shots. If you start your series here, you finish here (SCHD rule)
  4. We follow strictly the tier group process. Required documentation is necessary.
  5. Necessary Documentation: DL, INS card, proof of district residency (bill), proof of tier group eligibility (ID badge, letter, pay stub)
  6. Our clinic times are Tuesday and Friday mornings, if we have vaccine to administer.
  7. South Central Health District controls which vaccines and how many vaccines we get. This information is received Fridays.  This leaves us just a few days to schedule ALL doses for the next week
  8. Payment is due at the time of service.
  9. You can’t start the series if you have had another vaccine in the last 14 days, or if you are currently sick with Covid-19.
  10. “You get what you get, and don’t throw a fit.” There may not be a choice to which vaccine you get.
  11. Flexibility is key for all of us. Your appointment time may change.  We will try to minimize this.
  12. You must call if you can’t make it. We can’t waste one dose.  If you are late, we can work with that. But if you don’t call and let us know, we will try to call you, but the lack of communication will cause you to forfeit your place.   Please communicate!!
  13. Wear a short Sleeve!! Your shot is in your shoulder and you are not alone in a room.

For latest correct information on COVID-19, these local, state and national resources are available:


Are you taking new patients?

We are able to get most new patients in within 48-72 hours. At this time we do not take Medicaid but accept most insurances.

Is Tripp Family Medicine affiliated with a larger health organization?

We are an independent office started by the Tripps in 2012. We work closely with area organizations such as St. Luke’s, St. Alphonsus and South Central Public Health District to meet the needs of each of our patients that go beyond our ability or scope of care.

Are you an urgent care clinic?

NO, we are a family doctor’s office that sets aside same day appointments for our existing patients. Most of our sick patients can be seen within 24-48 hours. Call ahead to avoid unnecessary wait times.

What insurance do you take?

It is rare that a patient presents an insurance we haven’t taken before. Our relationships with Blue Cross / Blue Shield, Select Health, Aetna, Tri-Care, United Health Care and more mean you get in-network primary care rates while receiving special treatment.

Is Dr. Tripp your only provider?

When the Tripps decide to add providers to the practice, they search for medical professionals that have diverse experience, depth of knowledge, a passion for what they do, and approach medicine with the same patient care philosophy and skill set as Dr. Tripp.

Jeremy, Josh, and Martha, all have a Family Medicine designation.  Each have their own professional interests and strengths, which make them qualified to assist Dr. Tripp in seeing the full scope of patient needs. Dr. Tripp takes extra time to collaborate with the team of providers and provide support with difficult cases.

When scheduling your appointment, our staff does their best to fill your needs as best as possible based on your priority of soonest appointment, provider personality, preference, or provider expertise.  You can always request to see the provider you want, but sometimes when it is short notice, you may have the wonderful experience of seeing one of our other providers. If you want to always see the same provider, planning ahead is the key.

 Dr. Tripp loves the variety of family medicine, but is particularly strong in skin care, newborns to pediatrics, sports medicine and stitches.

Jeremy worked in emergency medicine prior to coming to our office and can assess situations quickly, and brings a sense of calm to the situation at hand.

Martha meets the needs of our female patients who prefer a woman for their Wellness Exams, as well as providing cures for everyday coughs, colds and illnesses. Martha is bilingual, and is able to care for an entire family.

Josh has strong experience in family medicine and urgent care, which has given him the ability to focus in on the task at hand with genuine caring, and is able to handle those unexpected minor emergencies.

Are you a dermatology office?

We can treat about 90% of all symptoms that you would see a licensed dermatologist for, at a primary care price. Though not dermatologists, since we see numerous patients for skin care, the labs we work with and the products we offer make our access to solutions greater than most family practices. In a typical day we treat rashes, conduct cancer biopsies, remove skin tags, administer chemical peels and help patients of all ages with acne. Our physician grade line of skin care products assist customers with a variety of skin care goals. These products are well tested and come from the largest cosmeceutical distributor in the world, Pierre-Fabre. 

What if I don’t have insurance?

We invite patients who wish to pay with cash or credit for their visits to give us a call. We require a minimum of $100 for a new patient’s first visit without insurance and many of our services have been priced so that you will know what to expect before receiving care. 

Do you take Medicaid?

Not at this time.

How did Tripp Family Medicine start?

The Tripps moved their family to Idaho in 2010 to be closer to family. After working as an ER doctor at the Mountain Home Air Force base, Dr. Tripp decided it was time to build their dream of a friendly family practice that each member of the family could feel comfortable at and receive excellent care. Tricia Tripp, Office Manager, set out to help create a sense of place built on the old fashioned premise that patients want to be remembered, listened to and have access to healing all in a friendly and warm environment. Many of our new patients are surprised when they enter the office and comment that it doesn’t look like what they expected. The staff enjoys working together and it shows in their interaction with the patients and their families. Come around your birthday and you’ll get a special treat. Going through a difficulty? You might just get a card from a member of our staff. We love seeing our patients at the many community events we love to participate in.

I heard you have an in house lab. Is this true?

Our nursing and phlebotomy staff are trained to draw our patient’s labs. We schedule our lab draws first thing in the morning starting at 7:20 a.m. so you can be on your way, usually to breakfast. If your provider requests a lab during the appointment, many times we can take a specimen right on the spot, saving you time and hassle. We send our labs to be analyzed to LabCorp who provide us professional, timely results.